Hope & Change

As a registered psychotherapist and a certified perinatal mental health specialist, I work with individuals and couples facing a myriad of challenges which I have outlined here. Many of the clients that seek out my support are struggling with the following: 

  • Couples who are feeling stuck in unhealthy communication and behavioral patterns and experiencing challenges in their connection as well as their ability to create a safe and secure relationship or marriage for both partners.
  • Individuals who are finding it difficult to cope with feelings of anxiety, stress, anger, disappointment, overwhelm, depression, and so on because of their relationships, career, past trauma, or parenthood. These individuals come to me for inner-healing and self-improvement goals.

I am also passionate about supporting new mothers and fathers as they transition into parenthood. If you are new parents, you may have thought it would be happily ever after with your new bundle of joy. Instead, like many single parents or couples who are new to parenthood, you may be finding yourself overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated, helpless, anxious, or depressed. Please know you are not alone and professional help can support your relationship as you navigate this new chapter of your life.

The new parents and couples I work with share these common challenges:

  • Negative communication cycles
  • Feelings of dissatisfaction and/or disconnection
  • Unmanaged expectations
  • Disagreements on topics such as division of labor and parenting styles
  • Postpartum anxiety and/or depression
  • Decreased intimacy
  • Feelings of exhaustion and burnout
  • Feelings of resentment and loneliness
  • Inability to set healthy boundaries in close relationships

During our work together, individuals and couples I am honored to support with therapy often share:

“We have been able to break out of our old patterns and communicate better. After what seems like a long time, we feel safe and connected with each other. Thank you!”

“I felt overwhelmed and lost as a new mother, learning simple tools to help me navigate this new role was the best gift I have given myself.”

“After four sessions, I can see positive changes in myself and in my relationships. It’s exciting to see myself evolve and grow.”

“We are so happy we took some time to work on our relationship, it has brought us closer as we learn to be the best parents we can be.”

There is hope, and change is possible. You don’t have to navigate life’s challenges alone, nor do you have to manage personal and relationship struggles alone. To learn more about how I can help and support you, click here.

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