Stronger Together: A Couple’s Guide to Navigating Your Relationship After Baby

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The ultimate guide for developing and maintaining a safe and secure relationship as you learn how to navigate life after having children. Learn to improve your communication, strengthen your connection, and manage common postpartum challenges as a team.

The author of this book draws upon her personal and professional experiences as a wife, mother, couple’s therapist, and perinatal mental health expert to provide a clear roadmap for expecting and postpartum couples. The roadmap is meant to empower couples and new parents to feel more prepared in managing challenges which commonly begin in the fourth trimester and can continue on for years – unless resolved. Readers will find this resource insightful and inspiring because it provides a model for developing a healthy relationship. Readers will also feel encouraged to engage in meaningful conversations with their significant other by learning information and tools that are readily applicable.

In a clear and conversational manner, the author teaches you how to:

Prepare for the arrival of your baby
Learn how to improve postpartum mood disturbances
Understand your attachment style
Communicate and meet emotional needs
Build and maintain connection in your relationship
Improve communication
Create and implement a self-care plan
Establish healthy boundaries
Manage expectations
Navigate common postpartum challenges as a team

Along with practical knowledge and guidance, you will also find relatable case studies of postpartum couples, engaging scripts, easy to follow exercises, and reflection sections which are designed to serve as your step-by-step action plan for relationship improvement. This resource is your guide to create a loving, safe, and secure foundation to raise your children in!


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