Twelve Intentions for the New Year

Here we are, on the first day of the new year. For some, the holidays are a joyous occasion to celebrate, for others they are a number of challenging weeks to get through, and still others feel indifferent towards this time of the year. While it is worthwhile to reflect back on each year to see how far we have come along, it is also important to use the reflections and learnings from the year before to create a positive outlook for the year ahead. One way to do this can be to consciously work on creating intentions for the year ahead so you have something to look forward to and work upon to improve the quality and health of your life and relationships.

As we enter the new year, try to create and set a few positive intentions to focus on in 2022. When I say intention, what I mean is a purposeful mindset you want to bring in to your daily life, relationships, or activities. You can create a purpose to focus on any area of your life which you would like to improve or a relationship that you would like to see growing. If you are interested in creating a purposeful mindset, or a set of intentions, for you and your partner’s relationship, spend some time to reflect and identify a specific area where you repeatedly experience struggle in your relationship. Once you identify this area, assess in what ways you contribute to the struggle. When you are able to recognize ways in which you fuel a particular issue repeatedly, set an intention to sincerely work on creating personal change in the relationship. Even better if you and your partner can set intentions together!

I have provided some ideas of intentions you can create for your relationship. You can choose one new intention to focus on and practice for each month of the year, pick the one that resonates most with you and focus on it for the year, or create your own list of intentions by yourself or with your partner.

Here are 12 intentions you can practice fulfilling in your relationship this new year:

  • I intend on finding ways to connect more with my partner.
  • I intend on noticing something good about my partner every day and share it with them.
  • I intend on listening to my partner with the intention of understanding them better, rather than responding or defending.
  • I intend on discovering my partner’s love language and learning to speak it fluently.
  • I intend on stopping interactions from escalating towards harsh words and hurt feelings.
  • I intend on being the first one who attempts to repair the damage after a fight.
  • I intend on finding ways to support my partner’s dreams and aspirations.
  • I intend on becoming more aware of and learning to anticipate my partner’s needs.
  • I intend on turning towards my partner, and not away from them.
  • I intend on becoming more aware of MY part in the relationship that contributes to negative interactions.
  • I intend on committing to improving myself in the relationship.
  • I intend on participating in activities that my partner enjoys, even if they don’t interest me.

What is an intention you would like to create for your life or relationship in 2022? Leave a comment below!

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